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‘How She Did It: Hon. Pauline Truong, A Dynamic Entrepreneur Shaping The Global Economy.’ –  FORBES USA 

A Trailblazing Women & Law, White House VIP, Millennium Global Woman of Honor, Queen’s Trust and Honorable Order award recipient, Hon. Pauline Truong LLM JD/LLB (Hons) GDLP BSc, an ex-refugee from Vietnam, has had 10+ years experience and 50k+ global ‘followers’ as an international lawyer, GlobePreneur, investor, expat and advisor with track record of awards in many countries in global entrepreneurship, law, finance and advocacy. She is featured on major mainstream media globally and will also be featured in many Cover Stories on prominent magazines in the coming months.

Pauline was awarded an Honorable Order (U.S.A.) for her global innovation, leadership and contribution. The prestigious honor has been commissioned to such distinguished leaders as President Bill Clinton, President Ronald Reagan, President George Bush, President Johnson, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and America’s first person in space, John Glenn.

She is the first person of Australian and Vietnamese origin to be inducted as the Millennium Global Woman of Honor.  She is also featured on FORBES USA, NBC, ABC, CBS, BuzzFeed, Social Media Week, UCLA Law School Alumni News, A Celebration of Australian Leadership, Huffington Post, European Business News, Singapore News, TechGeek, Postgraduate (EU),  Nagoya News (Japan), Model on a Mission, MOGUL & other mainstream media globally.

She is also honored & featured in the Trailblazing Women and the Law, National Foundation for Australian Women’s Archives, and Australian Women Lawyers as Active Citizens Exhibitions and in a book on Career Makeover & How to Reinvent Your Success Abroad.

As a Vietnamese refugee (baby) fleeing Vietnam after the war, she is very grateful for all the opportunities that the global leaders and community have offered her. Her family first migrated from China to Vietnam, and then a generation later risked their lives to reach Malaysia from Vietnam on their family boat after the war. They were blessed to receive refugee status in Australia and expanded internationally thereafter.

At each transition, it was necessary to ‘re-build’ part of their lives and businesses. Whilst it was challenging initially, this later became an asset for the globalization of her work, businesses and lifestyle. Her peers and colleagues now ‘witness the business acumen, strategic vision and networking expertise she brings to her clients.’ (Todd Moster – Attorney & Author)

A passionate Founder and C.E.O. of Ascendo International Group and a share- and stake- holder in a conglomerate of global companies, specializing in innovations to help global clients in: Innovation & Start-Ups, International Legal, Government, Investments, Trade & Business, Strategic Internationalization, M & A’s, Immigration and Real Estate. They have an influx of investors globally.

A Global Keynote speaker, Pauline has been invited by U.S. Consul Generals to speak in Asia regarding global issues. She was also a speaker at the ARREA National Convention, Healthcare Innovations Conference at Microsoft, HSBC Global Bank, UCLA Law School and many other engagements on global investments, entrepreneurship, law and finance.

She is also honored to be an International Adviser to famous Public Figures, global Guest Lecturer & Public Speaker, at UCLA Law School, UCLA, international universities, professional conferences & events; Coach and Speaker for Technology events; and Philanthropist.

As a diversity, human rights and innovation advocate and a Global Ambassador for U.N. and Women’s issues, Pauline ‘believe[s] that it doesn’t matter where we are from. Women’s and diversity rights are human rights.’

She is also an Ambassador and regional representative for UCLA Law School for the U.S.A. and Australia (with responsibilities in Asia).

As a Young Ambassador and lawyer, she worked with the United Nations, State Law Office & Global Leaders on U.N. Conventions, human rights and diversity issues.


She has been an Editor and Board Member of the prestigious Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (JILFA) and Asian Pacific American Law Journal (APALJ) and Vice-Chair of the Los Angeles Bar Association.

She was the first person of Vietnamese background to be awarded the prestigious Justice Lionel Murphy International Postgraduate Award for attendance at UCLA Law School.

Her thesis (with empirical research) on international and comparative law at UCLA Law School received top score from a world-renowned and distinguished Law Professor from Columbia Law School and UCLA Law School.

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